Charles Bridge Restaurant is located right beside Charles Bridge on Smetanové nábřeží 195, Prague 1.

The entrance is located in the busy passage between Kžízovnické namesti and Novotného Lávka. Make your way to us and you will find a stylish environment, a quiet private area by the water and friendly staff.

Our main goal is to have satisfied customers from tourists, but equally welcome Czech customers with a perfectly prepared meal from fresh and quality ingredients. Customers can also enjoy the atmosphere of the historical part of Prague right on the water on a pontoon with a view of Charles Bridge or in the historical hall of the restaurant.

The restaurant serves international and traditional Czech cuisine. In addition to the permanent menu we also prepare seasonally themed dishes. A wide range of hot and cold drinks, delicious coffee and homemade desserts are on offer. All this is complemented by a wide range of Czech and foreign wines, which the staff will be happy to recommend. The wine list is varied with something to suit everyone's palette.

The restaurant consists of a pontoon - a terrace on the water, a Czech pub and a historic hall. Total capacity is up to 300 seats. On the pontoon there is a comfortable sitting all year round, in winter the premises are heated and in summer the space opens with places directly above the water for those special romantic moments.


This unique floating glazed terrace with year-round operation is located directly on the Vltava River and has a capacity of 75-100 people to sit.

You can enjoy a great dinner during the rushing of the river, during the event you can feed the swans and watch the dominant of the Prague monuments - Charles Bridge...

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Historic hall

This unique space provides a capacity of 75-100 people (seating) in the Old Bohemian tuned hall with high ceilings, revealed by the original masonry with neo-Renaissance vaults and seating at massive wooden tables.

It is suitable for organizing private celebrations, banquets and especially wedding receptions.

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This part of our restaurant offers a seating area for 50 to 65 people.

It is advisable to use it to serve a served dinner or as an additional space to increase the capacity of the historic hall.

It is located on the same floor as our historic hall.

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Charles Bridge Restaurant & Terrace Prague

Smetanovo nábřeží 195, Praha
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